Martin Lewis urges Brits to apply for £5,000 Green Homes Grant vouchers before money runs out


MARTIN Lewis has urged Brits to apply for Green Homes Grant vouchers worth up to £5,000 as the Government plans to slash the scheme’s budget by over £1 billion.

Brits can apply for up to £5,000 in Government help to install extra insulation, eco-friendly boilers, or even draft-proofing and double glazing under the Green Homes Grant scheme.

Martin urged Brits wanting to apply to the scheme to “get on with it” before money is slashed from the Green Homes Scheme budget

But the MoneySavingExpert founder warned Brits on The Martin Lewis Money Show Live last night that they’ll need to act fast before funding for the scheme is slashed.

“If this is for you, I’d get on with it, check it out now,” Martin said.

His warnings come after it was revealed earlier this week by the Minister for Business, Energy and Clean Growth Anne Marie Trevleyan that money available for the scheme could dramatically shrink.

The £2bn Green Homes Grant was first revealed in the spending review last year.

Of this cash, £1.5bn of funding would be made available to households, with £500m to be divvied out to local councils.

But any money not spent this year will not be rolled over to next, Mrs Trevleyan has confirmed.

She said the funds were “a short-term stimulus, for use in the 2020/21 financial year only”.

Mrs Trevleyan also confirmed last month that just £71m of vouchers have been dished out so far to households as of January 22.

And only £320m of funding will be given for 2021/22.

This means the pot available to homeowners could reduce by £1.1bn.

Martin said to head to, where you can check to see if you’re eligible to receive vouchers under the scheme.

You’ll have to enter your post code to see what help you could get.

Under the scheme, you’ll have to apply for vouchers to install a “primary measure”, which could include installing new insulation or low carbon heat measures into your home.

Then, you’ll be able to get the same amount of money in vouchers to install “secondary measures”, which could include new double glazing or smart heating controls.

To find out exactly what qualifies as a primary and secondary measure, visit the Green Homes Grant scheme website.

However, Martin warned Brits about shortfalls of the grants.

He said: “I liked the concept of this system when it was first announced, but frankly, the way it’s been rolled out is over complex, badly designed and it’s quite tough to get installers.

If this is for you, I’d get on with it, check it out now. You might find it quite difficult to get to, but still it’s big money, possibly.”

His criticism comes as it was revealed earlier this year that only 20,000 vouchers had been dished out under the scheme.

MPs also expressed grave concerns about the lack of accredited engineers taking part in the scheme to achieve its eco-goals.

Martin made the same criticisms last year, calling the scheme a flop because only 1 in 6 homes could find installers accredited by the scheme to do the work.

One homeowner who wanted to upgrade her home called the scheme pointless after finding she couldn’t apply.

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