Million-Dollar Flats Threaten Idyllic Seaside Town as Posh Tourists Take Over


Empty Flats Turned into Luxury Aparthotel

A block of 37 luxury flats in Carbis Bay near St Ives, Cornwall has remained unoccupied since its construction. What was supposed to be permanent housing for over-55s is now being converted into an "aparthotel".

Residents Accuse Developers of Greed

Local residents are furious, claiming that developers abandoned their promise of permanent homes and are now seeking to profit from wealthy tourists. The exorbitant prices, reaching up to £3 million, kept potential buyers away.

Three Years of Disruption for the Community

While the luxury flats were being built, the community endured three years of inconvenience and disruption. Residents complain that the building is an eyesore, likening it to a "big, horrible metal box" that clashes with the town's aesthetic.

Suspicion Surrounds Developer's Intentions

Some locals believe that the developer never intended to provide permanent homes in the first place. They point to the sales office, which rarely opened and lacked local advertising. The sudden change of plans raises suspicions.

Loss of Community Identity

The introduction of this towering building has transformed the once tranquil valley of Carbis Bay. Residents argue that permanent housing would have supported local businesses and maintained the community's character, but instead, all they have is glorified holiday accommodation.

Concerns Over Planning Loophole

Cornwall Council leader Linda Taylor expresses her worries about the proposed development, believing that it undermines the local neighbourhood plan. She fears that the flats will predominantly become second homes, further diminishing the value of the community.

Hotel Sees Potential in Tourist Interest

Carbis Bay Hotel, managing the complex on behalf of the developers, sees an opportunity for increased tourism after hosting the G7 Summit in 2021. The hotel owner believes that the influx of visitors will benefit local businesses.

Developer's Response

The Derrington Group, responsible for the project, has yet to comment on the situation. Carbis Bay Hotel awaits further information from the developer about potential operating opportunities.

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