Neighbours Win £180,000 on People’s Postcode Lottery


Excitement and Disapproval Surrounds Neighbours' Lottery Win

Two neighbours in Harlow, Essex, are celebrating after winning £180,000 on the People's Postcode Lottery. However, their plans for their windfall are receiving mixed reactions from the public.

Shared Jackpot

Jennifer Tyrrell and Debbie Stansfield each received a cheque for £90,909 after sharing the £1million jackpot with nine other neighbours in their community.

A Dream Fulfilled

Debbie, a welcome host at Stansted Airport, revealed that she and her husband plan to go halves on a fence, something they have wanted to do for a while. Additionally, they hope to purchase a campervan to travel around Britain and spend quality time with their family.

A Tasty Purchase

Jennifer, an ambulance emergency care assistant, is looking forward to buying a Ninja air fryer. She plans to use it to cook chicken and chips for her family. Jennifer's enthusiasm for the fryer is evident as she mentions the two drawers it offers.

Christmas Celebrations and Healing

Despite awaiting an operation for a broken ankle, Jennifer is excited to celebrate Christmas with her family. She mentions that her sister just flew home from Dubai, and she is looking forward to spending time with her and her children.

Mixed Reactions

While the neighbours are overjoyed with their lottery win, some members of the public have expressed disapproval over their plans. Nevertheless, Jennifer and Debbie remain excited about the opportunities their windfall will bring.

Other Lottery Winners

This win adds to the list of lucky winners in recent months. An elderly woman received £333,000 but was only allowed to keep a third due to an agreement made long ago. In Birmingham, a great grandmother won £111,111 as part of a £1million prize shared among her and eight of her neighbours. Similarly, a group of neighbours in Manchester won a staggering £3.2million this summer.