Papa Johns to Close Dozens of UK Locations in 2024


Facing the Chop: Up to 100 Papa Johns Branches Set to Close

A popular pizza chain is set to close numerous locations across the UK this year due to high costs and declining foot traffic.

Strategic Closures for Profit Boost

Papa Johns, which currently operates 524 locations in the UK, plans to shut down low-performing restaurants to improve profitability.

Potential Closure of 100 Locations

While the exact number of closures is undisclosed, insiders suggest that as many as 100 Papa Johns branches could be affected.

Commitment to Long-Term Success

Papa Johns emphasized the importance of the UK market and assured that decisions regarding closures are made strategically in collaboration with franchisees.

Papa Johns vs. Competitors

Papa Johns is the UK's second-largest pizza takeaway brand, with 118 company-owned branches and 406 franchises. Domino's operates at 1,253 locations, while Pizza Hut has 150.

Past Closures and Openings

In 2023, Papa Johns closed 22 restaurants but opened new branches in 15 locations. The chain's first UK restaurant opened in 1999, and by 2013, it had reached 200 stores.

Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

Restaurants are grappling with falling sales and rising costs, including higher wages, rent, energy, and ingredient expenses.

Industry-Wide Closures

Papa Johns' closures are part of a wider trend in the hospitality sector, with several high-profile restaurant chains shutting down due to financial challenges.

Improvement Amidst Challenges

While job losses and store closures have decreased compared to previous years, the retail sector continues to face difficulties due to the cost-of-living crisis and reduced consumer spending.

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