Pot Noodle vs Supermarket Alternatives: Which is the Best?


The price of Pot Noodles has doubled in just a year, but are the supermarket alternatives just as good?

The price of Pot Noodles has skyrocketed, with some flavors increasing by up to 93% in just a year. Asda, for example, has raised the prices of seven flavors by 60%, while offering its own-brand alternative for only 50p.

Hayley Minn, a food-lover, puts Pot Noodle to the test against other options

Food enthusiast Hayley Minn decided to put Pot Noodle to the test against various supermarket alternatives. She rated the noodles out of five and found a cheaper option that tasted even better than the leading brand.

Here's how the alternatives stacked up against Pot Noodle:

Pot Noodle Chicken and Mushroom – 90g, £1.25, Sainsbury's

While this classic Pot Noodle should have been the best, it failed to impress. The chicken and mushroom flavoring didn't seem to absorb well into the noodles, resulting in a lack of taste. However, it had less liquid compared to other options.

Rating: 3/5

Kabuto Noodles Chicken Ramen – 65g, £1.65, Sainsbury's

Despite the higher price, Kabuto Noodles were disappointingly bland. However, adding soy sauce and chili flakes helped to improve the flavor.

Rating: 1/5

Blue Dragon Oriental Chicken Noodles – 65g, £2.92, amazon.co.uk

Although the most expensive option, Blue Dragon Oriental Chicken Noodles were delicious. The noodles absorbed the chicken flavor well, even though it's vegan. The only downside was the dehydrated vegetables.

Rating: 4/5

Newgate Speedy Noodles Chicken and Mushroom – 90g, 69p, Lidl

With almost half the price of Pot Noodle, Lidl's alternative had a great chicken-like flavor. However, the noodles didn't soak up the broth well, leaving behind excess liquid.

Rating: 3/5

Itsu Rice Noodles, Chick-n Ramen – 64g, £1, Waitrose

Having high hopes due to Itsu's reputation for sushi, Hayley was disappointed by the weak chicken flavoring of this option. Itsu should stick to sushi.

Rating: 2/5

Just Essentials Chicken & Mushroom Noodles – 70g, 50p, Asda

Asda offers the cheapest alternative, but the taste reflects the lower price. The noodles were bland, but adding salt, pepper, chili flakes, and soy sauce can improve the flavor.

Rating: 2/5

Nissin Soba Classic Instant Noodles – 90g, £1.90, Sainsbury's

This option requires draining out the broth before eating, resulting in a more concentrated flavor. The meaty taste was a hit, making this one of the few non-vegetarian or vegan-friendly choices.

Rating: 4/5

Bramwells Chicken & Mushroom Snack Noodles – 90g, 69p, Aldi

Aldi has nailed it with their answer to Pot Noodle. With a great consistency, a lovely chicken and mushroom taste, and no excess liquid, this option is an absolute bargain.

Rating: 5/5

In conclusion, while Pot Noodle may have doubled in price, there are affordable alternatives that offer better taste. Aldi's Bramwells Chicken & Mushroom Snack Noodles take the crown for being both delicious and budget-friendly.

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