Rare 20p coin worth 250 times face value found after bidding war – check your wallet now!


Did you strike gold in your wallet?

People across the UK are being urged to dig into their wallets and check for a rare 20p coin that is currently fetching more than 250 times its face value. Recently, a pack of six dateless 20p coins from 2008 sold for a staggering £311.11 on eBay after receiving an impressive 47 bids.

An accidental treasure

The Royal Mint made an unintended error when it released a batch of 20p pieces in 2008 without the year stamp. This mishap has made these coins extremely rare, inflating their value to approximately £60 each.

A historic blunder

Over a decade ago, the Royal Mint redesigned the coin, and this mistake slipped through, making these dateless coins highly sought after. In fact, they are now being referred to as the "Holy Grail of change collecting." Some of these coins in mint condition have even sold for over £200 on eBay, although they typically sell for less.

Could you be sitting on a small fortune?

It is estimated that there are up to 250,000 dateless 20p coins still in circulation. This means there is a chance you might have one of these valuable coins in your back pocket. It's definitely worth taking a look through your collection of silvers to double-check if you have one of these hidden gems.

Tips to spot the treasure

TikTok user @thecoincollectoruk has given his followers a helpful tip to identify the potentially valuable coins. He explained that the normal 20p coins have a date at the bottom on the back of the shield. However, the 2008 coins have no date due to the mint's mistake. This is known as a "mule error." So, if you find a 20p coin without a date, you could be in for a surprise windfall.

Still legal tender

Despite their rarity and value, the undated 20p coins remain legal tender in the UK. So, if you do find one, you can still use it for your everyday purchases.

Don't miss out on the chance to discover if you're holding a rare 20p coin worth 250 times its face value. Check your wallets now!