Sales of Traditional Pies Plummet as Youngsters Opt for Healthier Snacks


Decline in Sales

The sales of traditional pies, such as steak and kidney, are crashing as younger consumers choose healthier snacks. Industry figures reveal that youngsters are snubbing meat pies in favor of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as other lifestyle fads.

Pie Sales Plummet

Supermarkets have sold 42 million fewer pies this year compared to last year. However, the total amount spent on the sector has increased by 9.7% to £1.8 billion. Analysts attribute this increase to higher prices driven by food inflation, energy costs, and other outgoings, rather than an increase in volume.

Youthful Preferences

The industry magazine, The Grocer, reports that pies and savoury pastries are facing a problem as younger consumers are not as interested in classics like beef and onion slices and steak and kidney pies. Producers are trying to combat this decline by introducing increasingly creative flavors that appeal to modern tastes.

Wacky Flavors

To attract younger consumers, pie producers are offering a variety of unconventional flavors. These include meat substitutes like Mexican beans, all-day breakfast versions, pizza pies, and even doner kebab and curry variants.

Sausage Rolls Bucking the Trend

While traditional pies are experiencing a decline in sales, sausage rolls are experiencing a boost. Sales of sausage rolls have increased by 7.5% in volume over the past year, equivalent to 5.6 million extra packs, according to analysts at Kantar.

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