Shoppers Excited Over New Ice Lollies Based on Childhood Sweets at Iceland


Iconic Childhood Sweet

Shoppers are flocking to Iceland for a taste of nostalgia with a new ice lolly inspired by a beloved childhood sweet as the weather warms up.

Nostalgic Treat

Known as Swizzles Rainbow Drops Ice Lollies, this frozen dessert has brought back memories of the iconic Rainbow Drops snack from years past.

Excitement Across UK

With the sun shining and temperatures rising, Brits are thrilled to rediscover this classic treat in a new and refreshing form.

Back to the Shelves

The rainbow-colored confectionery made of sugar-coated puffed maize and rice has reappeared as an ice lolly on supermarket shelves just in time for the warmer days.

Taste of Nostalgia

As shoppers rediscover childhood favorites, brands like Mcvitie's and Asda are also releasing limited-edition snacks like Candy Floss Iced Gems and Cadbury Caramel Layers of Joy, sparking further excitement.

Australian Treats Arrive in the UK

Adding to the mix, Aussie favorite Tim Tam biscuits, known for their chocolatey goodness, have finally made their way to UK stores, delighting fans on both sides of the globe.

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