Shoppers Overpay for Advent Calendar Chocolates


Comparing Prices: Advent Calendars vs. Standard Packs

Shoppers are being ripped off when purchasing advent calendar chocolates, paying up to four times more than they would for standard packs. For instance, the £10 Quality Street advent calendar contains 230g of chocolate, costing 4.3p per gram. In comparison, a 375g bag of the same chocolates is priced at £4, equivalent to 1.1p per gram. This makes the calendar chocolates nearly four times more expensive.

More Examples of Overpriced Chocolates

Similar discrepancies can be seen in other advent calendars. The £6 Celebrations calendar contains 215g of chocolate, amounting to 2.8p per gram. In contrast, a 600g tub of Celebrations costs just £4.50 or 0.8p per gram. The Cadbury's Heroes calendar, priced at £6 for 230g of chocolate (2.6p per gram), is twice as expensive as a 300g bag of the same chocolates for £4.25 (1.4p per gram).

Ferrero Rocher's advent calendar, which features a stunning gold Christmas tree, costs £12 for 271g of chocolate. However, a box containing 518g of the same chocolates is priced at just £11.50. Similarly, Reese's Advent Calendar, priced at £15.90 for 249g of sweet treats, is significantly more expensive compared to the Reese's mini cups tin, which offers 345g of chocolate for just £6.50.

The Lindt Advent Calendar, costing £6 for 160g of chocolate, is 90% more expensive than a Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar, which is priced at £1.95 for 100g.

Save Money by Making Your Own Calendar

Consumer expert Jane Hawkes suggests saving money by making your own calendar at home using a big tub of chocolates. This way, you'll have plenty left over for Boxing Day.