Six ways to earn extra cash to help pay for Christmas festivities and presents


THERE are only 100 more days until Christmas. While kids will be counting down the number of sleeps to the big day, parents face sleepless nights worrying about how they’ll pay the festive costs.

The average family spend £800 on Christmas, but the cost-of-living crisis and rising bills are likely to see that figure soar

Take on Christmas roles for extra cash

Recruitment for Christmas roles has begun extra early this year, as firms fight for staff. Most festive jobs are for ­part-time positions, allowing you to fit work around other commitments. Businesses already hiring include: John Lewis, Card Factory, and Royal Mail.

Work extra hours at your current job

Two in five employees are taking on extra hours. Speak to your manager about additional shifts or see if you can work in a different part of the business that needs temp staff.

Hop over to hospitality

Hospitality jobs are flexible and offer a great opportunity to earn extra money. With more parties and get-togethers before Christmas, it's a popular choice for many. See

Try a local recruiter

Your local staffing agency will be hiring for temporary seasonal jobs in your area. Register your interest and the hours you want to work and let them find a match. Find a recruiter at

Start a side hustle

Launching a side hustle can be a great way to make extra cash. According to the Open Study College, the most profitable side hustles can earn up to £1,000 a month. These include online tutoring, working as a nail technician, pet sitter and dog walker, or becoming a professional organizer.

Launch a micro business

Pre-Christmas is the perfect time to launch your own micro firm. You will need to research your idea to make sure that you can make enough profit to cover your costs. Get help to do this at


FIND festive roles in restaurants, pubs and hotels in your area at

Dosh on the day

Temporary work agency Indeed Flex now offers employees the option to claim up to 50% of their daily pay as soon as they finish their shift. Research shows that 38% of monthly staff would like the option of being paid more regularly. See for more information.


RECRUITER Randstad is hiring for part-time roles in tech, social care, and nursing. Visit

Shepper delight

SIDE-hustle app Shepper – which offers the chance to earn extra cash for casual work – has launched in 600 locations around the country. Workers, known as "shepherds", carry out small market research and mystery shopping jobs for companies. More than 200,000 people are now signed up. The average job takes just 15 minutes and earns around £7.

Sign up at

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