Struggling Brits Can Receive Up to £250 in Hardship Payments Before Christmas


What You Need to Know

Hardship payments worth up to £250 are now available for households in Enfield who are facing financial difficulties. The money is being distributed through the government's Household Support Fund (HSF), with each council receiving a portion of the £842 million fund. Brits earning less than £40,000 with savings of less than £1,000 are eligible for the payments, which can be used for food, energy bills, housing costs, and other household essentials.

How to Apply

Residents of Enfield can apply for the hardship payments by providing details about the challenges they are facing and why they are unable to meet their expenses. Other councils across the country may have similar schemes, so it's important to contact your local council to inquire about available support. Applications are typically processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's crucial to act quickly to avoid missing out on this opportunity.

Additional Assistance

If you don't qualify for the Household Support Fund, there are still other avenues of assistance available. Many energy providers, such as British Gas, E.On, and EDF, offer grants of up to £1,500 to help with utility bill payments. Additionally, the Warm Home Discount provides a one-off payment of £150 towards energy bills for eligible households. While the scheme ends this month, there are still other options for help with energy bills, including a £301 cost-of-living payment that will be distributed between April 25 and May 17. This payment is part of a larger £900 payment that will be made in three installments throughout the year.