Sun Superdays are back so here’s how to enjoy a day out at a theme park again


SUN SUPERDAYS are back! After a long lockdown, thrill-seekers and families can enjoy a day out at their favourite theme park again.

With special safety measures in place, our first Superday is at Alton Towers Resort — and I bet you can’t wait to get banking those codes.

Alton Towers’ Corkscrew steel roller coaster ride

But even with our fantastic deal of two FREE tickets worth more than £110, a family day out to a theme park can still tot up.

So here’s how to get the most out of your Superday, in true Sun Savers style . . . 

Tickets to ride: New to Sun Superdays?

You can get two free tickets to Alton Towers Resort just by banking your Sun Savers codes at the bottom of this page.

Other routes include collecting EIGHT tokens, but Savers only need SEVEN codes and will get early booking access, the best availability and can also pick the date they go, so it pays to be a Saver.

See the special eight-page pullout inside Saturday’s paper. 

Cheap eats: Be sure to take  water bottles with you, as well as snacks for the journey there or back.

As for resort treats, collect Sun Savers codes to earn more fivers for those ice creams.

For every 28 codes you enter, we’ll give you £5.

So over the course of a year, that could add up to £65!

Lose the queues: Arrive early if you want to fit more rides into your day — especially as the parks will have those extra safety measures.

The first hour of the day is generally the quietest to beat the waiting, so get to the big rides first!

 You can also download the handy Alton Towers Resort app on your phone to find the shortest queue lines for the quietest times, ride availability and daily offers.

It will also help you find the nearest toilets, to help you make the most of your time.

Travel together: Parking is £6 per car and can be paid on the day.

If you’re going with friends, it may be worth car-pooling (with someone in your social-distancing bubble!) to split parking and fuel costs. 

Deal of day

Muller Corner with Icelandic Skyr yoghurt and toppings is 75p at Morrisons

MULLER Corner now comes with Icelandic Skyr yoghurt and banana and almond granola.

It is 75p, instead of £1.40, at Morrisons.

SAVE: 65p

Cheap treat

FoodHub is offering new customers £3 off their Super Saturday order

TAKEAWAY delivery app FoodHub is offering new customers £3 off their order on Saturday when using code 4JULY2020 at the checkout.

Only valid for new customers on their first order and a minimum £9 spend applies.

Top swap

The top alone of this tropical Versace bikini is £230
Swap it for this Pep & Co version in Poundland for just £3

I LOVE the tropical Versace bikini but the top alone is £230.

That’s why I was delighted to find the similar Pep & Co version in Poundland for just £3.

SAVE: £227

Shop & save

Tesco offers Sensodyne Pronamel Sensitive toothpaste at half price

SMILE! Sensodyne Pronamel Sensitive toothpaste, 75ml, is half price at Tesco.

Now £2, down from £4.

SAVE: £2