Switch to an Eco-Job and Grow Your Career with Our Guide to Going Green


Green Jobs on the Rise

The move towards Net Zero has led to a surge in eco job opportunities, with a staggering 677% increase in the sector over the past four years. From energy advisors to solar roofers, there are a plethora of roles that contribute to sustainability and carbon reduction. And it's not just the environment that benefits, as companies embracing sustainability initiatives are reaping the rewards.

The Benefits of Green Jobs

A recent study found that 90% of employees believe their employer has a responsibility to help the environment. In fact, 61% of under-40s would either quit a company or avoid applying for a job with a firm whose products harm the planet. Moreover, the UK's green sector is growing at four times the rate of other industries, offering entry-level positions with starting salaries of £28,000 and no degree required.

Government Support for Green Jobs

The UK government has pledged to create 190,000 green jobs by 2025 and 480,000 well-paid roles in green industries by 2030. However, with just 17% of UK businesses providing eco training, it's crucial to choose a company that can support your future career.

Top Green Jobs

Next week is Green Careers Week, and to help you navigate the world of eco employment, we've compiled a list of the most popular green jobs:

1. Heat Pump Installers: The UK needs 57,000 qualified heat pump installers by 2030. Apply at tinyurl.com/mtdf5dht.

2. Zero Carbon Living Advisors: Support customers in decarbonizing their homes. Ovo is hiring for 700 jobs at careers.ovo.com/zero-carbon-living-advisor/4835709.

3. Smart Energy Experts: Help households reduce energy consumption. Utilita and Centrica have openings for smart energy specialists.

4. Clean Energy Specialists: Good Energy and Ecotricity are hiring for various roles in renewables.

5. Electric Vehicle Technicians: Veolia has launched an approved technician training scheme for electric vehicles to meet the growing demand for qualified technicians. Apply at veolia.co.uk/careers.

Success Stories

Joel Taylor, a workshop supervisor for Veolia's electric HGV fleet, completed the new electric vehicle technician training. He encourages others to join the industry, emphasizing that upskilling is essential in the decarbonization era. With internationally recognized qualifications, a career as an electric vehicle technician can open doors in various sectors.

Debunking the Myths

Mat Ilic, co-founder of talent portal Greenworkx.org, debunks common myths around eco employment:

1. Confusing Titles: Don't be deterred by jargon. Research and ask questions to understand the true nature of green jobs.

2. Existing Skills: Many green jobs offer on-the-job training and value transferable skills like customer service and data entry.

3. Affordable Retraining: Publicly funded courses and low-cost entry-level programs are available to upskill in the green sector.

4. Gain Experience: Shadowing local renewables installation companies can provide valuable insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of green jobs.

5. Seek Expert Advice: Learn more about green careers at greencareersweek.com.

Plug into the Future

According to a LinkedIn report, having green skills can significantly boost your chances of employment. Jobs requiring these skills have a 29% higher hiring rate compared to the average. LinkedIn also revealed that sustainability-related positions account for a third of all listings, with sustainability analysts, specialists, and managers among the fastest-growing roles.

Government Training Schemes

The UK government is offering several training schemes to kickstart your green career at little to no cost. The Home Decarbonisation Skills Training scheme provides 8,000 free places for retrofitters and insulation installers. Additionally, 4,000 trainees can receive a £500 discount on training for heat network installation and maintenance. Find your local scheme at tinyurl.com/4d4vjpps. Skills Bootcamps in electric vehicle charging, green heating technology, and smart meter installation are also available, with job interview opportunities upon course completion. Learn more at gov.uk/guidance/find-a-skills-bootcamp.

Net Zero Academies

Leading energy companies, such as E.On, have established Net Zero Academies to train staff in eco technologies. E.On's Net Zero Training Academy specializes in "green collar jobs" like solar panel installation and battery expertise, training 800 people annually. Apply at eon.com/en/about-us/careers.html.

Switching to a green job not only benefits the environment but also presents lucrative opportunities for career growth. With the green sector booming and government support on the rise, now is the perfect time to embrace sustainability and unlock your potential.

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