Tesco Delivery Fiasco: Shoppers Furious as Groceries Fail to Arrive


Tesco Apologizes for Technical Glitch

Furious shoppers have taken to social media to express their anger at Tesco after their grocery deliveries did not arrive as scheduled. The major supermarket has apologized and attributed the issue to a technical glitch. Customers complained about the lack of communication and expressed their frustration at not receiving their orders.

Disrupted Plans and Inconvenience

Customers reported waking up early and eagerly anticipating their deliveries, only to have them cancelled with little explanation. Some received notifications that their groceries were on the way, only to have the deliveries cancelled 20 minutes later. The experience was described as "appalling" by some, while others expressed their anger at being left without essential items, such as nappies.

Tesco Responds and Resolves the Issue

Tesco has issued an apology and explained that their technical team has worked diligently to fix the glitch. Impacted customers have been contacted directly. The supermarket expects that customers should receive their orders by the afternoon. For those who don't, Tesco advises getting in touch to rebook their orders in the coming days.

Tips for Saving Money on Online Grocery Shopping

In light of this delivery mishap, customers who regularly shop online can take advantage of cost-saving measures. Online shopping can help stick to a budget and avoid impulse spending. Deborah Shanahan, deals and features editor at MoneySavingExpert, suggests creating a budget, meal plan, and shopping list to resist the temptation to overspend. By shopping online, customers can avoid strategically placed impulse purchases in physical stores.