Wetherspoons to Cut Prices on Food and Drink in January Sale


Pub chain to offer discounts at over 800 locations

Wetherspoons fans are in for a treat as the popular pub chain prepares to slash the prices of its food and drink. The January sale will see the cost of a pint drop to below £2 at more than 800 locations across England, Wales, and Scotland. The discounts will vary from pub to pub, with venues in England and Wales offering reduced prices from January 2 to January 17, and Scottish pubs starting their sale on January 3. Customers can expect to find deals on a range of drinks, including classic cocktails priced at £2.99 and pints of Bud Light and Doom Bar for just £1.99.

Great Deals on Food and Spirits

In addition to discounted drinks, Wetherspoons will also be offering reduced prices on food. Customers can enjoy a small breakfast for just £1.99, while a selection of small plates, including halloumi-style fries and chicken wings, can be purchased in groups of three for £12. The sale also includes a variety of burgers, all served with chips and priced at £4.99 with a soft drink or £6.46 with an alcoholic beverage. Spirits such as AU vodka and Sidemen XIX Vodka will also be available at reduced prices.

Fans Rejoice Over Savings

Wetherspoons fans were quick to express their excitement over the upcoming sale. Many took to social media to share their appreciation, with comments ranging from "Let's have it!!!" to "Brilliant!" The pub chain is well-known for its meal deal offers, including Steak Club on Tuesdays, Curry Club on Thursdays, and Fish Friday. These deals offer significant savings, with customers paying up to £5 less for their meals compared to regular prices. Wetherspoons also holds events throughout the year, such as the autumn festival and the Real Ale Festival, where fans can enjoy their favorite drinks and meals at discounted prices.

Find Your Nearest Spoons

If you're eager to take advantage of the Wetherspoons sale, you can easily find your nearest location using the pub chain's pub searching tool on its website. Be sure to double-check the prices before ordering, as they may vary from branch to branch. You may also find leaflets with deals and events at your local pub. So, get ready to enjoy great savings on food and drink at Wetherspoons this month!

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