Woman Rescues £40,000 Beach Hut from Falling into Sea by Turning It into a Garden Shed


Mum's Clever Solution

A resourceful mother, Sue Green, saved her £40,000 beach hut from the brink of falling into the sea by repurposing it as a garden shed.

Acting Swiftly

Sue took action ahead of time, dismantling the valuable cabin located on fragile cliffs before it succumbed to erosion.

From Hut to Shed

The beach hut, which stood among 25 others deemed unsalvageable, was transported to Sue's garden and transformed into a shed, a project typically costing only £1,000.

Family Connection

Sue's beach hut has a deep family history, originally purchased by her grandfather over 60 years ago and enjoyed by multiple generations.

Sad Reality

Unfortunately, the remaining huts at Hordle Cliffs, Milford on Sea, Hants, met a less fortunate fate, succumbing to the eroding coastline.

Community Support

The New Forest Council expressed sympathy for hut owners facing the loss of their cherished seaside retreats.

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