Woolworths May Return to the UK as Shoppers Plead for Comeback


Beloved Woolworths Eyeing a UK Return

The iconic Woolworths brand may make a comeback in the UK, as the German CEO expresses interest in opening new stores. Despite the collapse of the UK retailer in 2009, shoppers are eagerly calling for its return.

A Different Approach

Woolworths Germany, which is not affiliated with the original UK retailer, currently operates over 600 stores. However, the German brand has evolved and now focuses on home goods and clothing basics, rather than branded goods like cosmetics and toys.

Potential for Expansion

Heini, the CEO of Woolworths Germany, sees great potential for the brand in Europe. With over 300 million potential consumers, he believes that the recognition of the Woolworths brand in the UK is unmatched. The company has secured trademarks for the brand across Europe, making a return to the UK a possibility in the mid or long-term future.

A Bright Future Ahead

Despite challenges like the pandemic and disruptions in the supply chain, Heini remains optimistic about the future of Woolworths. The store aims to achieve €1 billion in sales in the current year, which could pave the way for a return to the UK.

Fond Memories and Excitement

Woolworths was once a beloved fixture of British retail, known for its pick 'n' mix and bargain buys. When news of a potential comeback spread, shoppers took to social media to express their joy and nostalgia for the store. Many hope to see Woolworths return soon.