All Brits set to have access to 5G internet by 2030 amid £40m funding boost

March 15, 2023, London, England, United Kingdom: LUCY FRAZER, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, seen at Downing Street. 15 Mar 2023 Pictured: March 15, 2023, London, England, United Kingdom: MICHELLE DONELAN, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology seen at a Cabinet Meeting, at Downing Street. Photo credit: / MEGA +1 888 505 6342

EVERYONE in Britain will have access to superspeed 5G internet within seven years, the Technology Secretary pledges today.

Michelle Donelan said her 2030 target to “blanket the country with the fastest, most reliable wireless coverage available” is backed by a £40million funding boost.

Michelle Donelan said her 2030 target for 5G is backed by a £40million funding boost

Up to 35,000 families in remote areas will be given money to connect with orbiting satellites for ten times quicker broadband than now.

Around 77 per cent of homes have basic 5G, but ministers want the entire population to access the improved “standalone 5G”.

Ms Donelan said: “Our Wireless Infrastructure Strategy sets out our plan to ensure everyone, no matter where they live, can reap the benefits of improved connectivity.

“All populated UK areas will be served by 5G-plus technology by 2030.”

“We are also committing £8m to provide satellite connectivity for our most remote communities so that no one is left behind.”

And £100million has been earmarked to develop 6G technology.

Just like 4G (and 3G before that), 5G is a new generation of internet.

Phone networks have tweaked the technology to deliver faster speeds – and have dubbed it the “5th generation”, or 5G.

Online conspiracy theorists have claimed that 5G can cause harm.

Early theories suggested 5G could lead to cancer – and crackpots have linked it to coronavirus too.

But it’s simply impossible for 5G to cause any of these problems.

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