Inside Coronation Street Actor Paddy Bever’s Surprising Real Life


Playing Troublesome Max Turner on Corrie

Paddy Bever is well-known for his role as the troubled Max Turner on Coronation Street. Viewers have seen Max get into various difficult situations on the show, from being sent to jail for his involvement in a stabbing to his recent love triangle.

Paddy Bever is famous for playing the role of troubled Max Turner on Coronation Street

His character has been to jail for his involvement with an alt-right gang

But Paddy is an accomplished actor and has already won an NTA award for his role in the soap

A Surprising Real Life

Although Paddy Bever portrays a rebellious character on screen, in real life he is quite different. The actor took over the role of Max straight out of acting school in 2021. He even auditioned for the role while still studying for his A-levels, a decision that paid off when he landed the job.

Paddy shared, "I had an A-level the next day so I made the decision not to revise for the A-level and focus on the tape. I then didn’t hear anything for a month so I presumed I hadn’t got it and then I got called for a screen test which was so exciting. I was so nervous but when I got there it just struck me that everyone was so lovely. I did my screen test with Jack Shepherd [David] then a week later I found out I’d got the role which was amazing. I also somehow got an A in the A-level I didn’t revise for so it all worked out ok in the end!"

He was straight out of school when he landed the role

Rising Star Recognition

Paddy's talent in portraying Max Turner was quickly recognized, and he won the Rising Star award at the NTA Awards in 2022, just one year into playing the character. Despite his success, Paddy admitted to feeling like an imposter and not deserving of such a big role in the soap. Winning the award was an emotional moment for him.

He said, "I just keep thinking about it. Like, every time when I wake up in the morning, I'll wake up and I'll be thinking 'that didn't really happen', and then I think, 'oh it did'. And that makes me feel very happy, I'm pretty overjoyed. Recently, before I won this award I had a bit of imposter syndrome. I was getting all these lovely storylines and I thought, 'what if I don't deserve this?' And I think that's why it was such an emotional moment."

Surprising Age Difference

While Paddy portrays a teenager on Coronation Street, he recently celebrated his 20th birthday in real life. He shared moments from his birthday celebration on Instagram, including photos with his brother and friends, as well as receiving birthday cuddles from his dog.

He has recently celebrated his 20th birthday

Co-star Cait Fitton, who played Max's previous girlfriend Lauren on the show, left a sweet comment on his birthday post, expressing her well wishes.

Despite the differences between the on-screen character and the actor's real life, Paddy Bever continues to impress viewers with his portrayal of Max Turner on Coronation Street.