Allies of Boris Johnson are sharing polling to MPs showing only he can win the Red Wall

Chris Eades - 07980 775577 Boris Johnson jets back from his Carribean holiday amid speculation that he may stand for the Tory leadership again - following Liz Truss resignation.

NEW polling that shows only Boris Johnson can keep hold of the Red Wall is being shared by his allies to wavering MPs.

The numbers show the ex-PM is the party’s only hope of winning the next general election in key parts of the north.

Boris Johnson jets back from his Carribean holiday amid speculation that he may stand for the Tory leadership again.

Key allies backing the ex-PM are sending the figures to jittery Red Waller MPs in a bid to cement their support.

It shows that their voters “overwhelmingly” prefer Boris Johnson, who has a +36 per cent approval rating – way above rivals Rishi Sunak (+21) and Penny Mordaunt (+22).

Polling by Portland Communications between 14-16th October reveals that Tory voters who backed the party in record numbers in 2019 have not fully committed to voting for another party at the next election.

It shows that only nine per cent who voted Conservative in 2019 say they are committed to “never” voting for them again, with 40 per cent responding they “maybe” give them another chance.

But 14 per cent revealed they would “almost certainly not” vote blue again.

When asked which potential leader would make them more likely to vote Conservative at the next general election, Boris came out on top with 56 per cent support.

British elections expert and former Vote Leave Chief Executive Matthew Elliott said “Boris Johnson polls head and shoulders above any other candidate among the group of voters that the Conservative Party need most if they have any hope of winning the next election.

“The electoral coalition that Boris built in 2019 was historic – and it is clear that he remains the only person who can bring them back into the fold.”

The former Chancellor, Mr Sunak has been backed by more than 100 Tory MPs meaning he can officially be in the running for leadership.

He is the first to reach the threshold after storming ahead against BoJo and Penny Mordaunt.

There are currently 105 who have publicly backed Mr Sunak, 106 including himself, and 110 MPs in total including those who have shown support behind the scenes.

Former PM Boris has 55 public backers, 56 including himself, and 71 in total, while Commons Leader Ms Mordaunt trails behind with 22 public endorsements, 23 including herself, and 25 in total.

Bojo has landed back in the UK after gaining more support to be the next Prime Minister.