Angela Merkel is right to fear post-Brexit Britain will be a fierce economic competitor


Brussels doubt

A HEARTY Sun welcome to Angela Merkel as she joins those of us certain that Britain WILL thrive outside the EU.

A potential competitor will emerge for us, says the German leader. In addition to China and the United States of America, there will be Great Britain.

Angela Merkel’s right to fear post-Brexit Britain will be a major economic competitor, The Sun says

For three years Remain diehards have insisted we are a puny backwater doomed without the might of Brussels to cling to. But even the EU doesnt believe it . . . quite the reverse.

Merkel has exposed their greatest fear: that Brexit will work, in spades. That lower taxes and new trade deals, impossible to negotiate as a 28-member bloc, could rapidly make us richer and more attractive to investors than they are.

That lies behind the EUs relentless campaign, via its Westminster proxies, to thwart Brexit. They cant afford for it to succeed. Nor, if theyre honest, can those Remain saboteurs in Parliament.

Not only would they have lost the referendum, they would have been proved wrong. And their egos would never recover.

Angela Merkel fears Britain will become a major economic competitor to the EU like the US and China after Brexit

Merkel has exposed their greatest fear: that Brexit will work, in spades

A Boris Britain

BORIS Johnsons message to voters yesterday will strike a chord with millions loathing the paralysis in Parliament.

Get Brexit done and we can focus on crime, the NHS and the environment, his Queens Speech said. Thats what everyone wants, bar those bent on prolonging the agony via a new referendum.

Boris Johnson’s Queen’s Speech has been criticised for omitting house building

It was bizarre, though, to omit house-building one of our most pressing crises. Likewise social care and veterans rights, championed by The Sun.

All are far too important. What would it have cost Downing Street to include them in what amounted to a wishlist of policies only likely to go ahead after a Tory election victory?

Next week MPs will probably vote all this down, while shamefully refusing an election to present their alternative.

They will thus stop the Tories improving voters lives, while running scared of the publics anger at the ballot box. Their behaviour is rank.

The Queen carried out the first State Opening of Parliament in more than two years

Watt a result

ITS a staggering transformation.

Over the three months of July, August and September, more of our electricity was produced by solar, wind and other eco-friendly renewables than fossil fuels.

In a first for Britain our renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than fossil fuels

Thats a first for Britain, a historic turnaround that happened under the Tories. Yes, the same Tories who are driving us to extinction, if you believe the hyperventilating rebellion loons.

In 2010 fossil fuels generated ten times as much as renewables. In 2013 coal still produced a third of the supply. Now its just five per cent and falling.

Britain is setting the pace for carbon reduction in the developed world.

And our footprint would be even lower but for the eco-warrior celebs still flying dozens of times a year.