Boris Johnson pens passionate letter to Sun readers in last-ditch bid to get dithering MPs behind his deal tomorrow


BORIS Johnson today urges MPs to vote for his Saturday night leaver deal, saying: We can get Brexit done.

The PM has written an open letter to Sun readers in a bid to appeal to Tory and Labour MPs dithering over the crunch vote.

The PM has written an open letter to Sun readers explaining why their MPs should be backing his Brexit deal this Saturday night

Dear Sun Reader…

So, dear Sun reader, why should your MP vote with me today?

First and we must never forget this it is our chance as democrats to finally do as we promised: to implement the result of the 2016 referendum, and go some way to restoring your trust in our politics.

But its also a great deal for every part of our country.

It means that we in the UK can come out of the EU as one United Kingdom England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, together, and it means we can decide our future together.

We can take back control of our money, our borders, our laws together. And we will be able to do free trade agreements around the world that have the potential to create thousands of jobs and to reduce your weekly bills.

At the same time, we will be able to give our own domestic guarantees to maintain the highest possible standards, both for workers rights and for environmental protections.

This is the right thing for you and the right thing for our country.

I ask everyone to cast their mind forward to the end of today and imagine what it could be like if the new Brexit deal has been approved.

In less than two weeks, on October 31, we would be out of the EU.

A difficult, divisive and yes painful chapter in our history would be at an end.

MPs would be freed up to deliver on your priorities the things than can change your daily lives for the better.

Getting money to the NHS frontline. Investing in our schools and driving up standards. Building more houses. Massively boosting infrastructure.

Levelling up so every person in every corner of the UK can make the most of their potential. Creating better jobs, with higher wages.

Today is a chance for us to start to bring the country back together again.

On your behalf, we at Westminster need to take it.

We need to get Brexit done.

The PM launched a love bomb offensive to woo MPs before todays Super Saturday vote.

He is around 25 short of the 320 MPs he needs to seal the deal.
Labour Brexiteers who back it have been warned by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell that they face consequences.

Boris has managed what was said to be impossible in Europe, but can he do the same in the Commons
Results from the YouGov poll looking at what voters want from Boris’ deal

Arlene Foster’s DUP is piling pressure on hardline Brexiteers from the ERG to scupper the deal

Meanwhile a YouGov poll found that 41 per cent of voters want MPs to back the deal.

Just 24 per cent want a defeat. The rest dont know.

Two thirds of Leave voters gave the blueprint the thumbs-up. Just 10 per cent want it thrown out.

And 24 per cent of Remainers say back the deal.

Leavers prefer the agreement to a No Deal by 48 per cent to 33.

In all, 71 per cent of Tory voters back it, and only nine per cent think MPs should vote it down.

Chris Curtis, at YouGov which polled 1,609 adults, said: So far this deal has been well received by the public.

Unlike when Theresa May brought back her initial deal, Boris Johnson has managed to win over the support of many Leave voters who previously favoured No Deal.

Even some Remain voters want to get this over the line.

However, when it comes to the deals details almost half dont yet have an opinion on how good it is.

An amendment tabled by Tory Oliver Letwin demands a further postponement to January 31, whatever the outcome of the vote

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