Boris Johnson says NHS is top priority after epic election win


BORIS Johnson has insisted the NHS is his “top priority” after his crushing election victory over Jeremy Corbyn.

The Prime Minister declared we smashed the roadblock, we ended the gridlock as he celebrated the historic win at the polls.

Boris Johnson vowed to barrel investment into the NHS
Jeremy Corbyn claimed the documents reveal the NHS is up for sale – even though they barely mention it

Boris hailed the biggest Conservative majority since the 1980s with party workers in central London.

He said the Tories have now been given a powerful new mandate to deliver on its manifesto.

The triumphant PM has repeatedly refused to sell of the NHS and today vowed: Yes, we will recruit 50,000 more nurses and 6,000 more GPs, and we will build 40 new hospitals,

He made the health service vow despite repeated attempts by Jeremy Corbyn to smear the Tories over the NHS.

Johnson previously gave a “cast iron guarantee” that the NHS won’t be on the table in a future trade deal with the US after Brexit.

The Prime Minister completely slapped down Corbyn’s claims that he’d found “451 pages of evidence” that the NHS could be part of a US agreement.

And the leaked papers produced by Corbyn turned out to be from a Russian propaganda group.

Online forum Reddit said they have concluded it was linked to the Kremlin, days after analysts warned about interference in the general election.

The dossier of leaked minutes from trade talks, which Mr Corbyn claimed was evidence Boris Johnson would sell the NHS to Donald Trump, was ripped off the online forum Reddit – after being uploaded months ago.


61 accounts have been banned from the site in response to the move, the site said last night.

The Labour leader was branded a “foolish pawn” over the blunder.

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverley blasted: “Corbyn has some serious questions to answer.

“Is he a foolish pawn in a Russian disinformation campaign, or did he know where the leaked documents came from?”

Analysts say the papers, waved by Mr Corbyn at an election rally, bore the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign called Secondary Infektion.

Labour were quick to pounce on the contents of the papers, claiming they revealed “the plot against our NHS”.

Mr Corbyn constantly brought up the leaked documents during the election campaign.

But Boris dismissed it as “Bermuda triangle” nonsense – and now has a mandate to carry out his manifesto promise to pump new investment into the NHS.


Experts previously raised fears over the origin of the documents.

And just days before his crushing election defeat, Corbyn was torn apart over Labour’s “bad record” on the NHS in Wales – as A&E waiting times continue to fail to meet targets.

The Labour leader was skewered over his party’s record in Wales – where they are in power – during a fiery appearance on BBC Breakfast.

Presenter Louise Minchin ripped apartMr Corbynon waiting times, forcing the lifetime socialist to admit things were not good enough under their watch.

She said: “Its got a really poor record, youll be aware of that. Failed to meet key targets in A&E for at least a decade.

“A&E waiting times in September were the worst on record.”

The far-left leader admitted it was “bad”, but insisted it wasn’t Labour’s fault as they had lost funding.

The far-left leader then claimed things were bad all over Britain, pointing the finger squarely at thegovernment.

He said: “In 2010 there were less than just about 2 million waiting for operations, there are now four million people waiting across the UK.

“The situation has got markedly worse.”