Emmerdale Fans Call for Axe on David Metcalfe After Controversial Comment


David Metcalfe Crosses the Line

Emmerdale fans are expressing their outrage and demanding the removal of character David Metcalfe after he made a vile comment about his son Jacob Gallagher's abuse by pedophile Maya.

A New Low for David

In a fit of rage, David, played by actor Matthew Wolfenden, confronted Jacob after discovering that his son and ex-girlfriend Victoria Sugden were dating. While trying to conceal his emotions, David couldn't contain his fury.

David's Hurtful Words

During tonight's episode, David exploded when Jacob lied about not studying enough. He shouted, "Stop! Just stop. I know Jacob. I know about you and Victoria." David then took it a step further by using Jacob's abuse by Maya to hurt him emotionally.

A Bridge Too Far

Viewers who are aware of Jacob's past as a victim of grooming and abuse by Maya were appalled by David's actions. Using such a traumatic experience against his own son was seen as crossing a line.

Fans Express Disgust

Emmerdale fans took to social media to express their disgust with David's behavior and are eagerly awaiting his departure from the show. One fan wrote, "I actually hate David so much, he's a manchild who needs to get a grip." Another commented, "I really hope David tells Victoria what he thinks of her! She is a REVOLTING specimen! It's not all Jacob's fault! It takes two to tango!"

Unexpected Revelation

In a twist of events, Eric walked in on David and Jacob's argument, mistakenly thinking it was about his secret battle with Parkinson's. Before Jacob could intervene, Eric revealed the truth to David, leaving him devastated.

Emmerdale fans are left wondering about the consequences of David's hurtful comment and how it will impact his relationships with Jacob and Victoria.