Boris Johnson to kickstart new housing boom by ripping up planning rules


BORIS Johnson will kickstart a new homes boom within weeks when he publishes his radical proposal to rip up planning rules.

It will strip councils of the power to block new housing on land earmarked for development.

Boris Johnson hopes simplifying the planning process will drive up the pace of housebuilding

The plan says there will be no need for individual planning permission to be granted first as construction will automatically be OK if it is on land where it was already in the pipeline.

A Government White Paper setting out the overhaul of planning rules will be published before the Budget on March 11.

One confidant of the PM told Sun columnist James Forsyth that the aim is to build the foundations of the next five years.

The PM hopes simplifying the planning process will help radically drive up the pace of housebuilding across the UK.

The Governments target is to build a million new homes a year. Last year 170,000 were built.

The plans also include proposals to trigger a revolution in tree-planting to make streets and communities nicer places to live.

Government sources told Forsyth that they are keen to promote tree-lined streets.

Insiders say much of the opposition to new developments is driven by how ugly they are, so creating more attractive, leafy streets will make them more popular with buyers.

Under the plans, developers would be required to plant a certain number of trees for every new home they build.

It comes days after a Government-ordered commission recommended a requirement for all developers to give every new home access to a fruit tree.

The PM will strip local authorities of the power to block new housing on land that has been marked for development