Boris Johnson urges parents to send kids back to school as he insists ‘it is safe’


BORIS Johnson last night urged parents who can to send their kids back to school as he reassured them “it is safe”.

After months of lockdown, millions of primary pupils are now allowed back to class.

Boris Johnson reassured parents that sending their kids back to school ‘is safe’

Some pupils in years 10 and 12 have started returning to school this week

And some teenagers in Years 10 and 12 have started returning to their first face to face classes since March.

But many fearful parents are keeping their kids away from the classroom, terrified they could catch coronavirus.

The PM – a dad-of-six himself – told families there is no need to let their children “miss out” on any more vital education.

Speaking at the Downing Street press conference, he said: “It has also been very good to see more and more children coming back to school this week.

“Some secondary school pupils now returning for face to face contact with their teachers ahead of the exams next year “But I want to say to all parents whose children are eligible to return in primary school – and there are loads of them – I want to assure you it is safe.

“There is no need for your kids to miss out on their education. I hope they will go to school.” His intervention comes amid growing evidence some kids in the ‘Covid Generation’ are falling so far behind in their studies they will never bounce back.



Primaries have been ordered to reopen for children in nursery, reception, and Years 1 and 6.

But only around 868,000 children were in school on June 11 – around one in ten the usual number, official stats showed.

This is up from 659,000 on June 4, but ministers are eager to get more kids back to school before they break up for the six week holiday.

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