Boris Johnson vs Jeremy Corbyn who said what in last nights debate?


LAST night saw Bo Jo and Jezza go toe-to-toe for the first time in this election campaign.

Here’s what was covered in last night’s debate on ITV.

The leaders posed with ITV host Julie Etchingham before the big clash


The PM made the entire debate about Brexit – skewering the leftie boss for his complete failure to make up his mind on whether Britain should leave the EU.

Mr Corbyn dodged questions several times – from both the PM and host Julie Etchingham – on how he would campaign in a second referendum.

He claimed he wants to renegotiate a new deal with Brussels in just three months and put it back to the people for another vote.

But nine times in the hour-long debate he refused to say which side he would take afterwards.

The leftie boss said: “We will negotiate an agreement and we will put that alongside remain in a referendum.

“I will carry out that referendum, it will be a genuine choice. And we will carry it out.”

But Boris blasted back: “Does he want to do this deal?

“If he doesn’t believe in it, or could campaign against it?

“What’s the point in Brussels offering this deal? Are you going to campaign for Leave or Remain?

“He wont come clean about what he is proposing to do, nor will he come clean about whether he will support that deal or not!”

Mr Corbyn claimed Mr Johnsons plan could mean seven more years of talking about Brexit as it could take that long to strike a trade deal.


Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn furiously clashed over the NHS in the most explosive exchange of last nights TV debate.

In a dramatic stunt, the Labour leader produced what he claimed was a Government document detailing secret meetings in a plot to sell out the NHS to Donald Trump.

Rounding on Boris with the papers waving in his hand, he cried: Youre going to sell our NHS to the United States.

But Mr Johnson furiously hit back, promising he would never put Britains beloved health service on the negotiating table.

And he accused Mr Corbyn of peddling the scare story to distract from Labours own failure to say if they would keep Britain in the EU or not.

BoJo blasted: It is completely untrue. There are no circumstances whatever in which this government or any Conservative government will put the NHS on the table in any trade negotiations. Our NHS will never be for sale.

The only reason this comes up is because Mr Corbyn is trying to conceal the void at the heart of his Brexit policy and refusing to answer the question of which side he will take. The public have a right to know.

Mr Corbyn made a direct appeal to viewers to register to vote

Mr Corbyn made a direct appeal to viewers to register to vote

The Royals

The pair were then asked if they think the monarchy is fit for purpose.

Life-long republican Mr Corbyn said: It needs a bit of improvement. His remark sparked boos from some in the audience.

But Boris said: The institution of the monarchy is beyond reproach.

They were also asked if Prince Andrew is fit for purpose in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Both said the most important thing is the treatment of the victims abused.

The PM added: The law must certainly take its course.

Mr Johnson insisted his newly struck deal with the EU is oven ready and ready to go

Mr Johnson insisted his newly struck deal with the EU is ‘oven ready and ready to go’

Four Day Week

Mr Johnson warned that hospitals will not get the vital funding they need without a strong economy.

And he said Mr Corbyns crackpot plan for a four-day week would be ruinous for the NHS.

Asked about his plan to roll-out a four-day week, Mr Corbyn was laughed at when he said: “Britain works longer than most.”

He also insisted a shorter working week is a good thing for health and well-being and repeated his vow to kick all private companies even non-profit out of the NHS.

Mr Johnson confirmed there will be a solution to the social care crisis in his Tory manifesto, after successive governments ducked imposing one for years.