Boris Johnson yelled ‘someone shoot that f***ing dog’ after his pet Dilyn wrecked antique furniture


BORIS Johnson barked, “Someone shoot that f***ing dog” after his pet Dilyn wrecked antique furniture.

The Jack Russell-cross left the Prime Minister with a four-figure bill after also chewing books and “messing on a floor” at Chequers.

Boris Johnson barked ‘Someone shoot that f***ing dog’ Dilyn

He swore as Dilyn, who was rescued as a pup, dashed between his legs with a tome in his mouth in a “Laurel and Hardy-style farce”.

But Boris, 56, avoided being in the doghouse — as animal-loving fiancée Carrie Symonds, 32, was not present.

Dilyn has been marking his territory in No10 too, most recently by urinating on the handbag of a senior aide.

An insider said of the Chequers incident: “I was at a meeting when Dilyn darted under the PM’s feet with an old book in its mouth.

“He shouted, ‘For God’s sake, I’m going to get another £1,000 repair bill. Someone please shoot that f***ing dog’. I don’t think he meant it literally.”

Dilyn is unpopular with staff at the country pile in Buckinghamshire where Boris and Carrie spend weekends. A source said: “He causes havoc, gnawing at the furniture and soiling carpets.”

The PM swore as the pet dashed between his legs with a tome in his mouth

Dilyn the dog has been ‘gnawing at’ antique furniture at Chequers
The Jack Russell recently urinated on the handbag of a senior No10 aide

Carrie was apparently “very angry” by the reaction of aide Katy Lam, whose bag the pooch cocked a leg over in London.

A pal of Miss Lam said: “Katy did nothing wrong. She did what any woman would do when a dog is about to relieve itself on her handbag.”

Miss Lam has quit No 10 but her departure was not connected. Downing Street has declined to comment.

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