Brexit Trade Deal with India Could be Finalized by Mid-November – Rishi Sunak Eyes Cricket World Cup Trip


Final Negotiations Underway for Sweeping Trade Deal

The negotiations for a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and India have reached their final and most challenging stages. Both sides are working towards a comprehensive agreement that covers goods and services.

Potential Deal Signing Ceremony May Coincide with Cricket World Cup Final

If the negotiations are successful, the signing ceremony for the trade deal could take place by mid-November. Interestingly, this could align with the one-day final of the Cricket World Cup in India, where England's men are the defending champions.

"Bazball" Tactics to be Deployed by UK Prime Minister

Sources from 10 Downing Street reveal that UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who keeps two cricket bats by his desk, plans to adopt a "high-risk, high reward" strategy reminiscent of England cricketer Ben Stokes. Johnson aims to make bold and unexpected announcements in the coming weeks, in an effort to outmaneuver the surging opposition led by Labour leader Keir Starmer.

No Set Deadline for Trade Talks

In response to the ongoing negotiations, a Downing Street source emphasized that there is no fixed deadline for the completion of the trade deal. The final stages are expected to be challenging but crucial for establishing mutually beneficial trade relations.