Britain must get tougher in taking on ‘hostile’ Russia and China, expert warns


BREXIT Britain must get tougher in taking on the sinister threats posed by Russia and China, top experts today warn.

The Centre for Brexit policy says the UK has been asleep at the wheel while Beijing has used its immense wealth to gain influence across the world.

UK must get tougher in taking on ‘hostile’ Russia and China, The Centre for Brexit policy warned

China has poured trillions of pounds into the belt and roads initiative – a programme to build giant infrastructure developments across Africa and Asia.

We must reinvigorate the Commonwealth to take on the Communist superpower, the group says.

This should include doing trade deals with Commonwealth countries and other close allies like the US.

While we should beef up our strong security relationship with Australia and America to take on Beijing.



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The group also wants the UK to get even tougher with Mad Vlad Putin, they say.

This includes sending Nato war boats in to lift the Russian Black Sea blockade of Ukrainian grain.

Without such drastic action, parts of Africa will suffer mass starvation, they warned.

The report warns: “The greatest potential threat to a resilient and re-United Kingdom in a post-pandemic world is the Chinese Communist Party and its autocratic leadership.

“While Russia may present more immediate and more tangible threats, China should be recognised as the long-term concern.”

Backed by former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith and a string of leading academics, warned China is “hostile to the free world”.