British Troops Will Not Be Sent to Ukraine to Fight in the Short Term, Rishi Sunak Says


No Immediate Deployment Confirmed

Speaking at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has dismissed rumors that British troops will be sent to Ukraine in the near future. This comes after Defense Secretary Grant Shapps suggested the possibility of training Russian soldiers in Ukraine. However, the Prime Minister clarified that any training would be for the long term and not for immediate deployment.

Training Programs Underway

Currently, British troops are engaged in training Ukrainian soldiers. Over 20,000 recruits from Ukraine have been trained in the UK since the beginning of 2022. However, Nato members have steered clear of training programs in Ukraine, citing concerns about the risk of armed conflict with Russia.

World War Three Threat?

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a severe warning, claiming that the Defense Secretary's comments could lead to World War Three. Medvedev criticized the decision to conduct English training courses for Ukrainian soldiers within Ukraine itself, accusing NATO of escalating tensions and pushing the world closer to another global conflict.

Long-Term Plans for Ukraine

While immediate deployment has been ruled out, Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has expressed his desire to eventually move more training programs into Ukraine. He has also discussed with Army chiefs the possibility of British defense firms establishing a presence in the country. Additionally, Shapps has spoken to Ukrainian President Zelensky about the potential involvement of the Royal Navy in defending commercial vessels in the Black Sea, as well as supporting Ukraine in its bid for Nato membership.

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