Brits left baffled by Boris’ latest lockdown plan for ‘support bubbles’ and some ask if ‘bubbling’ is code for sex


BRITS have been left baffled by Boris Johnson’s latest easing of lockdown by introducing “support bubbles”.

People have taken to social media to ask if “bubbling” is code for sex and demand the new rules be extended to all households.

Boris Johnson announced the new “support bubbles” last night
Some people were frustrated they still couldn’t see loved ones if they weren’t single
Brits were mocking Boris’ announcement of support bubbles
Other’s demand the bubbles should be called for what they really were

People across the country have been trying to make sense of the new rules – which lets two single adult households form a bubble so they don’t have to social distance.

It means single parents with kids under 18 could bubble up with other adults to help with childcare.

The rules also allow people to stay overnight in the home of the other person in their bubble – bringing an end to Boris’ sex ban which stopped anyone from meeting indoors.

The PM also announced zoos would be allowed to open from next week and private prayer could restart this weekend.

But Brits were unimpressed, with one saying: “It gets better, so unless I’m a single parent or live alone I can’t go and stay at my family’s house but I can go see the meerkats at Chester zoo, f**k off Boris.”

Other’s complained the new rules were unfair for people who lived apart from their partner’s – but were still on houseshares.

One person said: “Really don’t understand these #supportbubbles… I haven’t seen my boyfriend for 3 months but we both live in house shares with our landlords… So what now?”

Some people demanded the PM call the “support bubbles” for what they really were – “sex bubbles”.

Another person asked: “Is Johnson telling people to go forth and multiply?”

Another confused Brit wrote: “And next month you’ll be able to ride Nemesis Inferno at a theme park but you can’t go hug your nan.”

While there was confusion about the new rules – some Brits were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend time with loved ones again, without having to worry about social distancing.

Others were glad they could finally support their family in person – without staying 2 metres apart
But others echoed the frustration over not being able to see vulnerable people

“My mother lives alone and can now join our household,” wrote one person on twitter.

“We’re very happy to be able to support her emotionally with a proper hug.

“We have all, including my 5YO son, observed all rules from the start, so we feel this is a relatively safe and necessary step for us all.”

Another said the bubble’s weren’t just about bonking: “For all those who are thinking that #supportbubbles are just daft and for hookups…

“I’m using mine to go and support my stepdad who cannot cope with losing his wife (my mum) to #Covid19UK.

“I’ve spent 2 months trying to persuade him to stay alive by phone.”

Many people joked bubbling would become a new term for sex
Brits laughed at the Government’s top scientists talking about bubbling


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