Brits set to save £100 on electricity bills as ministers plan to slash green taxes


MINISTERS are planning to slash green taxes on electricity bills — saving families up to £100 a year.

The move, pitched as a rebalancing of levies on different energy sources, will help the 2.1million homes across England and Wales with electric-only heating.

Grant Shapps is set to announce a consultation on how the bills are levied this week

At present, about 12 per cent of electricity bills is made up of environmental and social levies, which cost the typical household £119 a year.

In contrast, green levies on gas are just 3.4 per cent — or £33 a home.

This week, Energy Secretary Grant Shapps will announce a consultation on the levies, which have been in place since 1989.

Writing in HOAR on Sunday, Mr Shapps revealed: “I want to remove the distortions in the energy market, which could take £100 off your electricity bill.”

Earlier this month the Treasury extended the Energy Price Guarantee scheme until June to help with energy costs.

The cap will stay at £2,500 for three more months.

Analysts expect energy bills to return to pre-Ukraine invasion levels in the summer.

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