Chancellor urged to scrap ‘Taxi Tax’ ahead of Budget


Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is under pressure as taxi drivers call for the removal of the controversial 'Taxi Tax' set to impact journeys.

Taxi industry demands action

Over a hundred private hire industry leaders have penned a letter to the Chancellor, highlighting the detrimental effects of a proposed 20% tax on fares.

Uncertain future for sector

The industry warns that the tax could have severe consequences for communities in deprived areas that heavily rely on taxi services.

Delay in consultation

Despite promises of a consultation from the Chancellor, the industry is still waiting for formal action to be taken.

Call for protection

Tory MP Jonathan Gullis joins the industry in urging the Chancellor to prioritize the livelihoods of taxi drivers and prevent further strain on the sector.

Impact on hospitality trade

The potential tax levy could also negatively affect the struggling hospitality industry, which heavily depends on cab journeys for business.

Budget deadline looming

The fate of the 'Taxi Tax' will be revealed in the Budget set to take place on Wednesday.

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