Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk Uncovers Shocking Truth About Ex-Husband Gus


Rhona Faces Kidnapping Charges

Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk, portrayed by actress Zoe Henry, is in hot water as she faces kidnapping charges for taking baby Ivy without ex-husband Gus' consent.

Evil Plan Unveiled

Gus had sinister plans to flee with baby Ivy as soon as Rhona withdrew her statement, revealing his true intentions.

Surprising Revelation

Gus fraudulently used old fertilized eggs with his late wife Lucy, making baby Ivy Rhona's biological daughter. With Lucy passing away during childbirth, Ivy's custody hangs in the balance.

Dark Agenda Exposed

After proposing a deceitful plan to frame Lucy for fraud, Gus's ulterior motives come to light as Rhona uncovers his scheme to sell the house and potentially flee with Ivy.

Rhona's Determination

Rhona confronts Gus, calling him out for his lies and vowing to ensure he faces the consequences of his actions, promising to fight for Ivy's rightful place with her.