Controversial Student Tories event sparks outrage over debate on migrant boats and invasion of Yemen


Conservative societies at University College London and King's College London have come under fire for organizing an event that would see guests discussing the sinking of migrant boats while enjoying drinks of port. In addition, the event was also set to include a debate on whether Britain should invade Yemen. The event has faced severe criticism from Labour's shadow minister Jon Ashworth, who accused Tory students of being out of touch with the concerns of the British people.

Backlash over insensitive event

Jon Ashworth strongly condemned the event, highlighting the stark contrast between Tory students laughing and drinking port, while the British people are left in despair. The event drew further disapproval from Tory HQ, who demanded its immediate cancellation.

Controversial Instagram promotion

Adding fuel to the fire, an Instagram promotional post for the event featured a picture of a small dinghy packed with asylum seekers crossing the Channel. However, the post was later edited to remove any references to sinking migrant boats.

Possible disciplinary action

The individuals involved in organizing the event could potentially face disciplinary action as a result of the controversy. The student societies may be held accountable for their insensitivity towards the issues surrounding migration and the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

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