Ex-Labour leader Tom Watson may receive peerage before false VIP paedo ring probe published


FORMER Labour chief Tom Watson could receive his peerage before the findings of a Commons probe into a false VIP paedophile ring are made public.

The party’s ex-deputy leader faces being dragged into an inquiry into the bungled child sex case and failings of the police watchdog to discipline officers.

Ex-Labour No2 Tom Watson may get his peerage before a probe into a false VIP paedo ring publishes its findings

There are now fears he could enter the House of Lords before the Home Affairs select committee can look into the case.

One source told The Telegraph: “Clearly they want to delay any further damaging stuff about Tom Watson while the peerage is still being considered. If he can get the peerage, he is invulnerable.”

Committee chair Yvette Cooper said her reports and inquiries don’t “protect or pursue” anyone for party political purposes.

The committee announced an inquiry before the election and the precise probe is yet to be agreed.

Watson has faced intense criticism for his role in the “witch hunt” including encouraging fantasist Carl Beech to take his false claims to cops. Beech is now serving an 18-year jail term.

It led to the homes of Field Marshall Lord Bramall, Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor being raided. Scotland Yard have now paid compensation in these cases.

Watson was singled out this week for publicising false complaints in a review by the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary.

He claims he only met Beech once telling him to report his claims to the authorities.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn nominated Mr Watson for a peerage which is yet to be confirmed.

Tom Watson is said to have encouraged fantasist Carl Beech to report his false claims of a sex ring

Field Marshall Lord Bramall’s home was raided as a result of Carl Beech’s claims