Ex-Speaker John Bercow to rush out autobiography in three months about political career friends and enemies


MONEY-grabbing former Speaker John Bercow has written a tell-all autobiography which will be published just three months after he retired.

The book Unspeakable which was announced less than two weeks after he retired will divulge details from the Remainer Speakers political career and how he made friends and enemies.

John Bercow is rushing out an autobiography three months after he retired as Speaker of the Commons

His memoir comes after he already signed up to a lucrative after dinner speaker agency which charges over 25,000 a gig.

He was blasted for rushing it out even though he is politically irrelevant with the book set to be released in February.

Conservative candidate for Rochford and Southend East James Duddridge said: Its quite something that it didnt take him long to do something like this.

It appears he is lining himself up for some job over in America, and as far as I cam concerned that is not far away enough.

There is a another book being written about his time as Speaker, which I dare say will be far more interesting.

But he is a vain man, but ultimately he is not the Speaker any more, he is not an MP, so who cares?

I look forward to it being in the discount section of WH Smith.

The announcement of Bercows book deal comes a week after he furiously denied claims that he had demanded 1million to appear on TV’s Im a Celebrity, which he described as utterly trashy.

Bercow said: The story of a rewarding and fortunate career is told in my own words, and readers can make their own assessment of a journey that I enjoyed and they will judge.

He added: From childhood to Parliament to the Speakership, I have tried to describe as clearly as I can what motivated me, what I aimed to achieve and what the results were.

I made friends and enemies alike, but from start to finish I sought to do the right, rather than the convenient, thing and to be a decent public servant.