Falkland Islands to Remain British Despite New Argentine President’s Threats, Downing Street Insists


The Falkland Islands will not be handed over to Argentina, according to Downing Street, despite the threats made by the country's newly elected President Javier Milei. Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, has stated that the issue is "settled" and there are no plans to revisit it.

New President Vows to "Get the Falklands Back"

Javier Milei, a former TV pundit who won the country's presidency convincingly, has promised to regain control of the Falkland Islands. During his election campaign, he stated that Argentina's sovereignty over the islands is non-negotiable and that they belong to Argentina. However, he acknowledged that war is not a solution and proposed diplomatic channels to resolve the issue.

Similar Solution to UK's Agreement with China over Hong Kong

Milei suggested that a similar solution to the UK's agreement with China over Hong Kong could be reached for the Falkland Islands. He plans to explore diplomatic avenues to recover the islands, rather than resorting to military action.

Downing Street: The Issue Is Settled

Despite Milei's statements, Downing Street maintains that the Falkland Islands' status as a British territory is settled and will not be changed. The spokesperson emphasized that there are no plans to revisit the issue, as it was resolved long ago.

Opponent Concedes in Televised Debate

Sergio Massa, Milei's opponent in the presidential race, conceded defeat in a televised debate. He referred to ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as an "enemy" of Argentina. Milei won 56% of the vote, while Massa secured 44%.

The new Argentine president is expected to implement significant spending cuts and address the country's high inflation rate. However, the Falkland Islands' status as a British territory remains unchanged.

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