Families of hero NHS workers who die battling coronavirus should get compensation, MPs demand


FAMILIES of hero workers who die on the frontline from coronavirus should be given compensation, MPs have demanded.

Three British doctors have so far died from the disease and there are fears many more medics will fall victim to the deadly pandemic.

Dr Habib Zaidi, 76, is believed to be the first British doctor to have died after contracting coronavirus

Dr Habib Zaidi had not been tested for the virus but showed ‘textbook symptoms’

A cross party group of 50 MPs have written to Boris Johnson calling for him to set up a coronavirus compensation scheme.

Under the proposal, the families of brave medics and other frontline staff who die would get money to help keep the family going financially.

In a letter to the PM the group, led by Lib Dem MP Layla Moran, say: “Those on the frontline of this battle against coronavirus are heroes.

“However, the risk to themselves and their families that they are taking on a daily basis are not recognised as much as they should be.

“They are putting their lives on the line, and we believe they deserve to be protected.”

They want the scheme to mirror the one which already exists for Britain’s Armed Forces.

The letter adds: “Our gratitude is limitless, as we are sure is yours. This small show of recognition is the very least we should do.”

Their call comes amid harrowing warnings from British doctors that they fear they will die treating patients with Covid-19.

Some 50 doctors have died from the highly infectious bug in Italy, which saw the first big outbreak in Europe.

And UK medics have warned that problems getting vital protective kit – like masks and goggles – have left them at the mercy of infection.