Furious Labour MPs slam Jeremy Corbyn at showdown meeting over leadership and economically illiterate policies


FUMING Labour MPs told Jeremy Corbyn he was the biggest drag on their election in a brutal party bloodletting.

Seething backbenchers queued up to tear into the party boss for leading them to the worst election defeat since 1935 at a parliamentary showdown.

Former Labour MP Mary Creagh accused Jeremy Corbyn of ‘preening narcissism’
Furious backbenchers including MP Rachel Reeves says Labour needs a ‘leader that the country can trust’

It came after defeated Labour MP Mary Creagh accused him of preening narcissism in a blistering attack.

Confronting his defeated party for the first time since the election, Mr Corbyn issued a grovelling apology telling them: I am very sorry for the result for which I take responsibility.

But he infuriated his MPs by blaming Labours catastrophic defeat solely on Brexit and the media.

Furious MPs stood up one by one during the marathon meeting in Parliament to blast his economic illiterate policies and woeful leadership.

Labour MP Rachel Reeves said: I said to Jeremy, you can make all the excuses in the world about Brexit, about the mainstream media, about people not voting.”

She said Labour needs radical change adding: We need a party leader that the country can trust.

Summing up the meeting, Dame Margaret Hodge said: There is huge, huge anger.”

Everyone says Jeremy Corbyn comes up, every time Brexit comes up.”

On the whole it was fury, despair, miserable and I just though at the top table total denial and corporate amnesia.

Labour MPs told the fiery meeting that Labour HQ did not send activists to help in the defeated seats and they ran out of basic campaigning materials like stickers.

In a devastating blow to the Labour leader, one MP read out the name of all the once rock-solid Labour seats they lost to the Tories in the North-East.


Earlier, Mr Corbyn had been subjected to a 20-minute public dressing down by Ms Creagh. Ms Creagh, who lost her seat of Wakefield, cornered the Labour boss in Parliament and accused him of betraying voters.

She said: I told him he shouldnt be having his photo taken with young people because he had betrayed their future. I asked him to apologise for what hed done.

And he was humiliated in the Commons as Tory MPs loudly cheered as he entered the Chamber for his first appearance since his election drubbing.

But you could hear a pin drop on his own benches as he later stood up to congratulate Boris on his storming victory.

Meanwhile, Tony Blair will today launch a scathing attack on Mr Corbyns failure as he unveils polling which lays bare Labours problem in its northern heartlands.

Speaking in London, former PM will say: This election was no ordinary defeat for Labour. It marks a moment in history.”

Jeremy Corbyn issued an apology to the furious MPs in a showdown meeting but blamed the defeat on Brexit and ‘the media’
Dame Margaret Hodge says there is ‘huge anger’ against Jeremy Corbyn

The choice for Labour is to renew itself as the serious, progressive, non-Conservative competitor for power in British politics; or retreat from such an ambition, in which case over time it will be replaced.

He will also launch a new report by Deltapoll which highlights five reasons Labour flopped in the polls bad leadership, Brexit dithering, and their weakness on extremism, security and economic credibility.

The report says the hard-left are immediately booted out the party if they want to get back into power.

Former PM Tony Blair launches an attack on Corbyn’s failure and thinks ‘it marks a moment in history’