Furious shoppers slam Asda after woman buys TWENTY tubs of baby formula in one go


SHOPPERS have shared their outrage after a woman was spotted buying 20 tubs of baby formula from Asda in one transaction. 

The woman was spotted with two brands at the checkout of a UK store, after desperate mums are bidding up to £155 for £8 baby milk as greedy eBay sellers cash in on coronavirus.

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Shoppers slammed a woman for buying 20 tubs of baby formula at Asda

Baby formula including Cow and Gate, Aptamil and SMA are being sold for hugely inflated prices – sometimes 19 times the shop price – as stocks run low, leaving mums wondering what they will do. 

The photo of the woman was taken by a customer behind here in the queue on Monday, and has racked up thousands of comments online. 

It is unclear if all of the baby formula was for her to stockpile, or whether she was buying to distribute to other mums in need. 

One person slammed Asda for allowing such a large bulk buy, and said: “How disgusting they would allow that”. 

 The seller has now removed this, after being contacted by Fabulous
The seller has now removed this, after being contacted by Fabulous
 The product sells at Boots for £7.99
The product sells at Boots for £7.99

However, another reasoned that she could have been buying to stock a nursery. 

This comes as a seller, based in West Yorkshire, was selling Cow and Gate first infant milk on auction for £155 with 18 bids and four days to go. 

The item, which normally sells in shops for £7.99, was first listed on March 16. 

The seller said: “cow and gate first infant milk 800g Brand New and Opened. I bought the wrong milk from the supermarket, I lost my receipt so I couldn’t return it.”

After Fabulous contacted the seller on Tuesday, asking why they were doing this, the item was withdrawn from sale although we didn’t receive a response to our question.

 On eBay this is selling for £64.65 for six
On eBay this is selling for £64.65 for six

 On eBay this is selling for vastly more
On eBay this is selling for vastly more

However, they are far from the only seller taking advantage of dwindling stocks. 

Even special premature baby milk, recommended by the NHS, is being sold for vastly inflated prices. 

Normally on sale for £2.99, the Cow and Gate branded milk – to fill up early babies – is on sale for £5.40. 

And Aptamil 800mg baby milk, which appears to be out of stock virtually everywhere but usually costs around £10 is going for more than £17 online.

Sarah McCullough, mum to Lucas, 20 months and Ashton, 10 weeks, told Fabulous: “It’s appalling, especially given the circumstances of so many people out of work and struggling to get by.

“Babies depend on their formula and for someone to put a mother under pressure to pay out crazy money for their child’s survival is absolutely disgusting.”

 Sarah McCullough told how she is appalled by the situation
Sarah McCullough told how she is appalled by the situation

Sarah McCullough, 26, from County Down, Northern Ireland, has been struggling to get milk since panic buying started, normally getting it in her weekly Asda order.

“When I went online they didn’t have any in stock and also didn’t have any delivery slots close enough to deliver the milk before running out,” she explained.

“I checked other supermarkets online and had no luck.

“I then checked Amazon and they wouldn’t have stock until late April otherwise I would have to pay extortionate prices.” 

A spokeswoman from Danone, who produce Cow and Gate and Aptamil, slammed the sellers. 

She told Fabulous: “We would like parents to know that we are not behind or endorsing any unnecessary price increases on formula products during this time. We have not increased our prices to retailers.”

Meanwhile, eBay vowed to tackle the problem with a spokeswoman saying: “eBay does not tolerate sellers exploiting other users. 

“We are monitoring the situation as it evolves, our international security teams have been working around the clock, and we continue to work closely with authorities including Trading Standards.”

Fabulous contacted all the sellers in this article with only one responding: “Sorry you feel that way.”

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