Furious Tories Criticize Covid Inquiry as Anti-Government Whitewash


Tory MPs are slamming the Covid inquiry, accusing it of descending into an anti-Government whitewash that fails to address crucial questions. According to these MPs, the inquiry has become a public spectacle, with key figures in Boris Johnson's Downing Street engaging in a slanging match. Instead of focusing on the science behind the decisions taken in 2020, the inquiry is allegedly too preoccupied with personality conflicts.

A Soap Opera Instead of Serious Investigation

Tory MP Paul Bristow expressed his frustration, stating, "We are being subjected to a soap opera that would rival the best efforts of the writers of EastEnders. This is the most serious thing many of us will ever live through. But the public will get very bored very quickly of a liberal whitewash."

Personal Attacks overshadowing the Pandemic Response

Former top civil servant Helen MacNamara, in her evidence last week, described Downing Street as misogynistic and macho. Ex-No10 aide Dominic Cummings faced accusations of sexism as explicit texts he sent to colleagues were revealed. Tory chairman of the Health Select Committee, Steve Brine, expressed his concern that the inquiry has become more focused on political titillation rather than a serious examination of the pandemic response and lessons for the future. This disappointment is particularly distressing for bereaved families who expected better.

An Agenda of its Own

Former minister Mark Francois argued, "It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Covid inquiry is developing an agenda of its own, which is essentially pro-lockdown and anti-Government." Sir John Redwood added, "There's a whole series of things we could learn from the inquiry, but I think they are more interested in the personality rows going on with the politicians."

This week, more ex-Downing Street aides are expected to testify at the inquiry.

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