Fury as UK spies allowed to work from home despite growing security threat from China


Ministers have given the go-ahead for Britain's spies to continue working from home, despite the growing security threat from China. This decision has been made despite warnings from MPs' intelligence committee in July that remote working affects the spies' ability to scrutinize security.

Government insists on providing work-from-home flexibility

The government insists that it will "continue to provide opportunities for staff to work from a wider range of locations." However, it does admit that China's actions have crossed the line from "influence to interference."

Arrest of researcher raises concerns about Chinese espionage

These decisions come in the wake of a researcher in Parliament being arrested over claims of being a "Chinese spy." Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed to take all necessary steps to protect the UK from potential security threats.

MPs call for a more robust approach

MP Bob Seeley urges caution, stating that "we need to take off the rose-tinted spectacles and get wise." He believes that MPs, public servants, and soldiers need to be aware of the threat and understand that enemies seek to not only potentially recruit agents but also divide the country. Seeley adds that "the UK and our allies need a more coherent and robust approach to the threat we face from China's Communist regime."

Former Chancellor George Osborne raises concerns over surveillance

In a recent podcast, former Chancellor George Osborne expressed his concerns, revealing that he assumes his hotel rooms are bugged. These comments highlight the extent of the fears surrounding potential Chinese espionage.

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