House of Lords Blocks Govt’s Rwanda Bill Again, Sparking Fury


Peers Reject Flagship Immigration Bill

Peers in the House of Lords have once again blocked Rishi Sunak's Rwanda Bill, sending it back to the Commons for the fourth time, much to the government's dismay.

Opposition Parties Reneged on Promises

Government sources claim opposition parties went back on private agreements not to reject the Bill again, leading to the latest setback.

Concerns Over Safety and Protections

Peers voted that Rwanda cannot be deemed safe until promised protections are in place and also called for exemptions for UK military aides like Afghan interpreters.

"Ping-Pong" Between Chambers Continues

The legislative back-and-forth between the Lords and Commons is expected to persist, with the government hoping to finalize the plan soon.

New Deal with Vietnam to Deter Illegal Migration

Meanwhile, the Home Office has struck a fresh deal with Vietnam to prevent illegal migrants from embarking on risky small boat journeys, focusing on communication campaigns and intelligence-sharing.