Former Post Office Chairman Slammed for Using ‘Discriminatory’ Language


Controversial Remarks Unveiled

Former Post Office chairman Henry Staunton faced backlash after referring to job candidates as "coloured" and calling young women "girls", according to a recent report. Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch terminated Staunton in January following these revelations.

Probe Exposes Discriminatory Language

An independent investigation found that Staunton, 75, made inappropriate comments during a summit to select a new non-executive director. He referred to a candidate as "coloured" and used demeaning terms like "girls" for younger female applicants and "ladies" for older candidates.

Reactions to Offensive Language

The barrister's report criticized Staunton's remarks as discriminatory based on race and sex, emphasizing that they did not align with the organization's Dignity at Work Policy. Furthermore, his use of the term 'coloured' was deemed offensive and outdated.

Dismissal by Business Secretary

Staunton was sacked by Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch in the midst of disputes over the governance of the Post Office. The decision came after a clash regarding the handling of the Horizon scandal that impacted numerous sub-postmasters.

Post Office's Response

The Post Office acknowledged the investigation's recommendations for process improvements and committed to addressing them. However, they declined to comment on Staunton's behavior. Meanwhile, Staunton defended his remarks but acknowledged the need for language sensitivity moving forward.