Humza Yousef under pressure to suspend Nicola Sturgeon from SNP after her arrest

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - JUNE 1: Former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during First Minister's Questions in the Scottish Parliament, on June 1, 2023 in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Ken Jack/Getty Images)

SCOTLAND’S First Minister is facing mounting pressure to suspend his predecessor Nicola Sturgeon from the SNP after her arrest.

Under-fire Humza Yousef says he “sees no reason” to withdraw her party membership after she was quizzed by cops probing the party’s financial affairs.

Nicola Sturgeon was released without charge after being quizzed for seven hours by police

The leader of the SNP, Humza Yousaf, has said he ‘sees no reason’ to withdraw Nicola Sturgeon’s party membership

The new party leader, speaking yesterday after Sturgeon was released without charge, added: “I will do what I believe is right to the values of natural justice.”

But Labour leader in Scotland Anas Sarwar: “Ultimately, that’s a matter for the SNP, but if you look at previous incidents that are similar, then those individuals have been suspended.

“The question is for Humza Yousaf, is he strong enough to take action? Or is he too weak to take action?”

Several SNP MPs and Members of the Scottish Parliament were suspended during Ms Sturgeon’s time in charge even when there was no criminal investigation.

Michelle Thomson, current Falkirk East MSP left the SNP in 2015 after a solicitor with links to her property firm was probed in connection to mortgage fraud claims.

She said: “The processes set up by the SNP under her leadership were clear. Some eight years ago, when an MP, I was required to resign the SNP whip although I was never personally under investigation and was certainly not arrested.

“After careful consideration, I feel the right thing for the former first minister to do is to resign the SNP whip.

“This is not because she doesn’t deserve to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, she does, but because her values should be consistent.”

Sturgeon was released without charge after being quizzed for seven hours pending further inquiries but a report will be sent to the prosecutors for consideration.

Her husband Peter Murrell, the party’s ex-chief exec, was arrested in April and two weeks later Colin Beattie, the then treasurer, was arrested.

Both men were released without charge.

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