Illegal Migrants Pretending to be Gay to “Game the System” and Settle in Britain, Claims Home Secretary


Home Secretary Highlights the Issue

According to Suella Braverman, illegal migrants attempting to enter Britain are falsely claiming to be gay in order to receive special treatment at the border. Braverman, the Home Secretary, spoke out about this issue during a major speech in Washington DC, where she called for a reevaluation of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

Outdated Asylum Rules

Braverman argues that the current global asylum rules are outdated, allowing illegal migrants to "shop around" for their preferred destination. She believes that simply claiming to be gay or a woman should not automatically qualify someone for asylum protection in the UK.

Controversial Comments Draw Criticism

Braverman's comments have faced backlash from LGBT+ charities and activists. Elton John expressed concern, stating that discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals is still a serious issue in many countries.

Defiant Stand

Despite the criticism, Braverman remains firm in her stance. She emphasizes the need to differentiate between persecution and discrimination, stating that the UK aims to provide protection to those facing persecution.

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