Inside No 10’s lockdown-breaking party where they ‘joked about being caught by DRONES and downed gin’


BORIS Johnson’s closest aides joked about being spied by a drone as they knocked back gin in the No10 garden during lockdown, it’s been revealed.

Senior staff stocked up on booze from the local Tesco by Westminster tube station before drinking in the sunshine throughout the evening.

Boris Johnson refused to comment on the furore yesterday
A picture of another gathering in the Downing St garden Credit: Guardian

But 18 months after the May 20, 2020 booze-up the PM is now suffering the hangover from hell as bombshell details of the event emerge.

Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie are accused of attending the bash organised by top No10 official Martin Reynolds.

In a now notorious email to more than 100 Downing St staff Mr Reynolds invited them to “socially distanced drinks” at 6pm and encouraged them to “bring your own booze”.

Just an hour earlier Cabinet Minister Oliver Dowden was at the No10 podium telling Brits to stick to the rules by only meeting one other person outdoors.

Shortly after sending the email Mr Reynolds got cold feet but thought pulling the plug would draw more attention to claims of rule-breaking, The Times reports.

And by that time trestle tables had already been set up in the No10 garden, having been set up at lunchtime.

After making the 500yd dash to the cramped Tesco Express to pick up gin, rosé and wine around 40 staff filed into the sun-kissed No10 garden.

Mr Johnson has refused to say if he and Carrie attended, but insiders insist he was there.

Despite the merriments attendees are said to be aware of breaking the rules.

One official quipped about being spotted by a surveillance drone – used by Derbyshire Police to catch walkers around the same time in the first lockdown. 

Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner today urged Mr Johnson to come clean when he’s forced to break cover at PMQs.

She said: “It is very simple for me. I’ve been asking the PM for the last couple of days, you just have to say, were you at this party or not on May 20?

“He can clear this up very quickly and he has refused to do so, so far.

“He has really undermined the office of PM by letting this carry on and continue because he refuses to tell the British public what they deserve to hear.

“And that’s whether or not he broke the lockdown rules and whether he was at this party or not.”

Around 12 Tory MPs have already broken cover to publicly skewer Mr Johnson.

There is even speculation of a leadership challenge before May’s local elections.

One Tory told HOAR: “I don’t see how he can survive. I think if there are enough of us who agree, and I’m fairly sure there are, we need to move ASAP.”

But the PM stood by embattled mandarin Martin Reynolds, who defied warnings to invite more than 100 staff to the booze-up, insisting he 'remained in post' last night