Make Christmas special with The Best Christmas Pudding at Morrisons


THIS year Morrisons are here to help you Make Christmas Special with over 250 award winning items.

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a pudding, and The Best Christmas Pudding from Morrisons is the one you need this year.

The Best Christmas Pudding from Morrisons is one of their 250 award-winning products

Whether you’re serving it with cream, custard, ice cream or brandy cream, we can all agree that the pudding needs to be moist, fruity and luxurious, and above all needs to taste special. It’s the cherry on the top of the most anticipated meal of the year.

The Best Christmas Pudding (£5), is Good Housekeeping Institute Approved – so you can be sure you’re onto a winner.

Made with Turkish sultanas, Vostizza currants, Chilean Flame raisins, brandy-soaked cherries and ruts, then enriched with Ruby Port and laced with Cognac every mouthful will be deliciously opulent.

“The Best” range includes a whole host of accompaniments for the pudding too, including Brandy Butter (£3), Vanilla Custard (£2) and French Brandy Sauce (£2.25).

Of course, it’s not just the pud you can get at Morrisons. Their award-winning products have you covered for the whole festive period.

This year we’re supporting celebrating Christmas throughout the whole of December, so The Best Deep Filled All Butter Mince Pies (£2) should be your go-to for elevenses every day.

You could even try a different twist on the classic mince pie. The Best Black Forest Mince Pies (£2) won a Quality Food Award so why not give them a go and mix it up.

Plus, pimp up your Friday night tipple and swap the Prosecco for a special chilled glass of The Best Premier Grand Cru Champagne (£21).

You can depend on Morrisons for everything you need for the festive period and beyond.

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